Lapsang Souchong Tea Benefits

Lapsang souchong is a type of black tea often described as smoky tea that tastes like a real smoke; it originally came from a small village in China, Wuji Mountains of Fujian to be exact. Lapsang souchong’s discovery happen accidentally, the tea growers are trying to hide their tea crop. The tea crop is large leaf tea usually made into oolong tea, they hid the tea and also hid themselves in the mountains because there are many soldiers wanted to get the tea crop.

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In order to prevent their tea crop to rot, the tea growers rapidly dried the tea crop by the use of newly slice pinewood. Days later, the tea growers noticed their crop appeared to be dark color, and tasted like smoke and appears to be fragile compared to the tea they usually prepare. The taste of the crop is very unique and so the lapsang souchong benefits.

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The Lapsang souchong benefits came from flavonoids and antioxidants that are abundant in camellia sinensis plant, in which major types of black tea contains. The Lapsang souchong benefit can be valued especially when you are drunk, for Lapsang souchong can be tea accompanying food. It will help you take away your hang over. We can see the lapsang souchong benefit in cooking too, for it is said to help complement salty and spicy dishes. It also compliments the flavor of cheese, and roasted oven dishes.

In terms of Health, One of lapsang souchong benefit is reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, another lapsang souchong benefit it helps fight against inflammation, in which we need nowadays because the climate temperature of the earth is too hot. In addition to, Lapsang souchong benefit is that it helps strengthen the immune system, a powerful guard for us to stay away from various disease and sickness.

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